By Private Profile 64bdb46e on 2020-12-23 15:46 in Privacy Compliance Team

This meeting of the Joomla! Privacy Compliance Team has been held on Google Hangouts on December 23, 2020 at 16:30 CET. 


In attendance: 

  • Donata Stroink-Skillrud
  • Roland Dalmulder
  • Sander Potjer

Discussion outline 

  • Sander is working on the development of the signed documents in the backend - he said that he should be finished by this task by December 31st, 2020;
  • Donata spoke with Kleanthis regarding updating the Incident Response documentation and they will get on a call early in January to discuss what updates need to be made to complete these documents; 
  • Roland is working on the admin login and single sign on tasks. He is also wroking on the Properties Assessment Task and will contact the Webmasters Team for assistance. We are hoping that the completion of this assessment will also aid us in updating the Cookie Policy and making sure that it is up to date; 
  • The team discussed the need for checking and verifying that the assessment is up to date twice per year and having the Webmasters Handbook include procedures on notifying the Privacy Compliance Team of changes to cookies whenever those changes take place.