By Achilleas Papageorgiou on 2018-09-12 18:15 in Privacy Compliance Team

This meeting of the Joomla! Compliance Team has been held on September 12, 2018 at 16.30 CET on Glip.


In attendance: Achilleas Papageorgiou, Luca Marzo, Sandra Decoux, Sander Potjer, Roland Dalmulder, Alkaios Anagnostopoulos.

Discussion outline

  • Sander shared the progress on the identity platform / SSO. Work on the frontend views is ongoing. Update and merge of the work done is planned for the end of this week.

  • The whole team will be involved in the testing phase once the platform will be available to check the system from a legal/compliance perspective and from the functional perspective.

  • Team reviewed the proposed survey for the Backup Policy, all the proposed questions and changes have been merged to the survey.

  • Luca to share the Backup Policy survey with the Webmasters Team to collect their answers. This is crucial to have a clear picture of the current backup policies across the properties and define any eventual action towards compliance with GDPR and privacy regulations.

  • Luca shared the draft of the partnership agreement for the selected Cookie Partner. The team reviewed the agreement.

  • Sandra to follow up with the Cookie Partner and to share the draft of the agreement for review.

  • Achilleas shared the spreadsheet that includes the Privacy by Default analysis. Some third party cookies need to be properly assessed.

  • Team received the answer from Michael Babker about the JoomlaCode issue and discuss possible solutions to share as options.

Next meeting will take place on September 19, 2018 at 16.30 CET on Glip.

Meeting ends after 70 minutes.