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November 2014
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240c_brian-mitchell.jpg Brian Mitchell United States Member Feb 2020
76c2_IMG20180321135006.jpg Djamel Kherbi Algeria Member Jan 2020
0623_hughds.jpg Hugh Douglas-Smith United Kingdom Member May 2019
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61a3_FAFD6B11-81ED-42BB-94EC-AC51DA36F81D.jpeg Jaz Parkyn United Kingdom Member Jun 2019 Jan 2020
88af_20170411_alexander-metzler_231_foto_mario-andreya.jpg Alexander Metzler Germany Member May 2019 Jan 2020
5cbf_luca-marzo.png Luca Marzo Italy Member Jan 2017 Jul 2019
anibal-sanchez.jpg Anibal Sanchez Spain Member CLT Liaison Oct 2016 Mar 2017
ronni-k._g._christiansen.jpg Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen Denmark Member Oct 2016 Feb 2017
marco-dings.jpg Marco Dings Netherlands Member PLT Liaison Oct 2016 Feb 2017
b7e9_jaq2013.jpg Jacques Rentzke South Africa Member May 2015 Nov 2016
3b5b_ruth-cheesley.jpg Ruth Cheesley United Kingdom Team Leader May 2015 Aug 2016
03e6_alice-grevet.jpg Alice Grevet May 2015 Sep 2015
dianne-henning.jpg Dianne Henning United States May 2015 Jul 2015

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Draft published on

By Ruth Cheesley on 2015-05-29 15:22 in Conflict Resolution Team

Today v2 of the proposed changes to the Code of conduct was published on for two weeks of community feedback -

Read more: Draft published on

Code of Conduct - Review Comments

By Ruth Cheesley on 2015-05-26 17:06 in Conflict Resolution Team

The Code of Conduct team met today to review comments on the Google Doc by Leadership Team members. Comments were applied where relevant and the revised Code of Conduct Draft document will be shared with the community via a blog post at for a period of two weeks to allow for...

Read more: Code of Conduct - Review Comments

Code of Conduct meeting

By Ruth Cheesley on 2015-05-15 00:00 in Conflict Resolution Team

The Code of Conduct team met to finalise the version sent to Leadership Teams for review. The document was shared on the public mailing list!topic/joomla-leadership/TAbwFKQsDFc for two weeks' comment, it will be sent out on a blog post for community feedback on...

Read more: Code of Conduct meeting

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