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Contributor Agreement Working Group Kick-Off Meeting

Date: May 28, 2017 - 15:30-16:00 CEST

Total time of meeting: 30 minutes.

This meeting has been held in person in Krakow, on the side of JandBeyond Conference.


Yves Hoppe, Aleksander Kuczek



Discussion outline


The team has discussed the steps that must be taken reach the goal which has been defined as creating simple, unified contract that will replace all existing contract and will make it easy for people to contribute to Joomla.

The following steps have been set:

  1. Current agreements audit
  2. Merge, rephrase and draft the new agreement(s)
  3. Integrate with volunteer portal
  4. Perform signing within the community
  5. Create automatic notification email first-time time code contributors

Currently, step one has been reached and we are getting ready for step two.

The team will shortly be joined by to US-based attorney who will help to draft the agreement.