The Documentation Helpscreen Team is a sub-team of the official Joomla! Documentation™ Working Group. The aim of this sub-team is to update and maintain the help screens, in order to reflect the latest version of Joomla. As soon as Help Screens are updated, they will be marked for translation to be available for most.

Parent Team
Documentation Team
Date Started
June 2016
Joomler Position Role Date Started
Cliff Ford Assistant Team Leader Aug 2023 Martijn Maandag Netherlands Assistant Team Leader Aug 2016
Joomler Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Private Profile de8f354e Team Leader Feb 2017 May 2024 Sandra Decoux France Member JDoc Liaison Jun 2016 Aug 2019
Private Profile c2e00e72 Member Nov 2018 Jul 2019 George Wilson United Kingdom Member Jun 2016 Jul 2018
Private Profile 9ffb3741 Member Jun 2016 Jul 2017
Private Profile 54576609 Team Leader JDoc Liaison Jun 2016 Feb 2017

JDoc Liaison

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All Help Screen pages are created and served to every Joomla! Installation worldwide from this wiki! They are necessary for beginners and even those with intermediate knowledge of Joomla!
The team is looking for volunteers willing to help updating the 3.7 Help Screens as well as working on the creation of Joomla! 4 Help Screens.

Please see: How to contribute to the Help Screens Project and don't hesitate to join us.

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