By Private Profile de8f354e on 2014-11-23 20:07 in Documentation Team

For the total overview and complete report for JDOCs, please see our "Community well" page. The JDOCs Community well page will contain more details, the future and current goings on for the Documentation Working Group. Plus a chance to give your feedback!

Summary of past month:

  • Documentation has made some great improvements for Joomla migration and updating documentation.
  • Translations, many thanks to MATsxm for taking on the translation administration of JDOCs.
  • A few weeks ago, JDOCs cleaned out some unused user accounts, the vast majority were spam user accounts.
  • Our JDOC Contributor Policy has been updated to be more inline with that of the Joomla Forum.
  • 733 social shares of documentation pages occurred over the past month.
  • Last but not least, community reporting! If you haven't guessed it yet, you're reading it right now.