By Mike Brandner on 2021-01-26 21:35 in Documentation Team


Mike Brandner (TL), Martijn Maandag, Patrick Jackson (Guest)


  • The JDoc management process must be documented and kept outside the JDocs in order for management level resources to be available to team leadership when needed. Another meeting will be organised for further dicussion.
  • The Joomla! 4 Help sceens requires maintenance during development until RC - special attention needs the screenshots.
  • All Joomla! 4 features needs to be checked, if the funktions are complete documented.
  • Onboarding Documentation: Inclusion of a section in a revised “How to Contribute” page (Patrick Jackson, VET)
  • The Joomla 3 docs must be maintained for 2 years after J3.10 release - we stop mainly work, only maintenance and full focus on Joomla! 4 documentation, as we do not expect any new features (except pre-update check).
  • A next PBF event to be coordinated as a special Docs and Translation event.
  • The JDoc Beginner pages need a complete revision.
  • How to indicate a JDoc is completed and ready to translate - we create a overview list page for all J4 related documents.

Contributers 2020

During the last year, more than 50 contributors were active with edits and translations - 11 of them with over 1000 edits!

The JDoc team addresses a very special thank you with over 4000 edits to:

  • Martijn Maandag
  • Dieter Ziller
  • Dwi Rianto
  • Shawn Chiu
  • Manuela Silva
  • Cliff Ford

Contribution Statisics:

The Documentation requires a daily and never ending work.
A big thank you to all the volunteers who contributed or are contributing to the JDocs!