By Sandra Decoux on 2017-07-20 10:01 in Documentation Team

The Documentation requires a daily and never ending work.

JDocs Update

  • Tom Hutchison has upgraded successfully the Wiki on July 1st. Many improvements have been included to make the management of the documentation easier as well as the translator workflow (categories are now automatically translated, obsolete strings are highlighted …).
    A big thank you to Tom for his great work and availability!

  • Martijn keeps on updating the 3.7 Help Screens (thank you Martijn!)
    Sandra did a post/picture shared on our Social Media channels in order to try to get new volunteers to help with this huge task.

  • The JDocs Translation Team on the Volunteers Portal has been updated to reflect the current main translators (reminder: to become a contributor of the team, a minimum of 1,000 edits in the past 12 months is required).

  • Usual daily updates/review of contributions, translation tags, contributor welcoming and edits/creation for new releases mostly done by Sandra.

JDocs Stats - Overview

Contributors within the last 60 days

In the last 60 days over 50 volunteers contributed to the documentation