The Documentation Translation Team translates the English Documentation into several other languages

Parent Team
Documentation Team
Joomler Position Role Date Started
1eda_martijn-maandag.png Martijn Maandag Netherlands Team Leader Translator Nov 2014
sandra-thevenet.02.13-2.jpg Sandra Thevenet Saint Martin (French part) Assistant Team Leader Translator Nov 2014
736b_adrian-argueelles.png Adrián Argüelles Argentina Contributor Translator Aug 2015
alex-smirnov.png Alex Smirnov United Kingdom Contributor Translator Dec 2014
21b5_IMG_2214.JPG Dwi Rianto Indonesia Contributor Translator Apr 2017
7e42_hans-van-der-meer.jpg Hans van der Meer Netherlands Contributor Translator Feb 2016
marijke-stuivenberg.stuivenberg_170x180.jpg Marijke Stuivenberg Netherlands Member Translator Feb 2014
924c_2016_fb_Mike.jpg Mike Brandner Germany Contributor Translator Mar 2016
d11e_oscar-ortiz.jpg Oscar Ortiz Canada Contributor Translator Jun 2016
884e_323517_2754084848079_1196342961_o-2.jpg Parikshit Rana United Kingdom Contributor Translator Apr 2017
baa4_tom-hutchison.png Tom Hutchison United States Member JDoc Liaison Apr 2017
hussien Al bosyri Syrian Arab Republic Contributor Translator Aug 2016
Joomler Position Role Date Started Date Ended
87a8_123_4.jpg Marc-Antoine Thevenet Saint Martin (French part) Team Leader JDoc Liaison Feb 2014 Feb 2017
a1b3_boyan-dimov.jpg Boyan Dimov Bulgaria Contributor Translator Feb 2015 Apr 2017
2dc6_work-photo.jpg George Wilson United Kingdom Nov 2014 Nov 2014
2dc6_work-photo.jpg George Wilson United Kingdom Contributor Nov 2015 Apr 2017
caaa_helvecio-da-silva.jpg Helvecio "Elvis" da Silva Brazil Contributor Translator Aug 2014 Apr 2017
9d28_isidro-baquero.png Isidro Baquero Spain Member Translator Feb 2014 Apr 2017
3258_lara-petersen.jpg Lara Bettelheim Netherlands Contributor Translator May 2014 Apr 2017
manuel-rubio.png Manuel Rubio Spain Member May 2015 May 2015
0bde_st.jpg Stefanie Thielmann Germany Contributor Translator Mar 2015 Apr 2017
baa4_tom-hutchison.png Tom Hutchison United States PLT Liaison Nov 2014 Nov 2015

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Note: only active and top contributors to translation in the last year are considered as official JDocs contributors.

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