The Documentation Team is a standing team of people dedicated to improving Joomla's documentation. This includes both user and developer documentation. Our primary focus is the wiki, but we are also responsible for maintaining and other resources.

Joomler Position Role Date Started
sandra-thevenet.02.13-2.jpg Sandra Thevenet Saint Martin (French part) Team Leader Nov 2014
baa4_tom-hutchison.png Tom Hutchison United States Assistant Team Leader Nov 2014
e012_chris-davenport.png Chris Davenport United Kingdom Contributor Nov 2014
2dc6_work-photo.jpg George Wilson United Kingdom Member Nov 2012
1eda_martijn-maandag.png Martijn Maandag Netherlands Member Nov 2016
Joomler Position Role Date Started Date Ended
87a8_123_4.jpg Marc-Antoine Thevenet Saint Martin (French part) Team Leader Nov 2014 Feb 2017
422a_cliff-pfeifer.jpg Cliff Pfeifer United States Member Dec 2014 Jan 2016
9d28_isidro-baquero.png Isidro Baquero Spain Contributor Nov 2014 Jul 2017
jennifer-gress.jpg Jennifer Gress United States Member Nov 2014 Jun 2016
manuel-rubio.png Manuel Rubio Spain Member Nov 2014 May 2015

Documentation Helpscreen Team (JDocs)

The Documentation Helpscreen Team is a sub-team of the official Joomla! Documentation™ Working Group. The aim of this sub-team is to update and maintain the help screens, in order to reflect the latest version of Joomla. As soon as Help Screens are updated, they will be marked for translation to be available for most.

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Documentation Translation Team (JDT)

The Documentation Translation Team translates the English Documentation into several other languages

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en-GB User Interface Text Team

The official language of Joomla is en-GB and yet the actual strings we use have been created, over 10 years, many by people who are not native en-GB speakers. Establish official style guidelines for writing en-GB strings. Ensure consistency throughout Joomla. Provide translation teams with an easy framework and guidelines to create their own style guides. The style guide is a living document that may be updated and added to over time as the need arises. The style guide will be maintained by native en-GB speakers.

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No Roles have been defined yet.

JDocs Report - July 19th, 2017

By Sandra Thevenet on 2017-07-20 10:01 in Documentation Team

The Documentation requires a daily and never ending work. JDocs Update Tom Hutchison has upgraded successfully the Wiki on July 1st. Many improvements have been included to make the management of the documentation easier as well as the translator workflow (categories are now automatically...

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JDocs Report - May 1st, 2017

By Sandra Thevenet on 2017-05-01 22:10 in Documentation Team

The Documentation requires a daily and never ending work. Joomla! 3.7 Help Screens All Help37 are functional Martijn keeps on updating the 3.7 Help screens All Joomla! 3.7 related pages updated, including 3.7 FAQ

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JDocs Report - April 6th, 2017

By Sandra Thevenet on 2017-04-06 22:06 in Documentation Team

The Documentation requires a daily and never ending work.   Summary for the work achieved or in progress for the last few weeks Help Screens Martijn is doing an amazing job in updating/reviewing the 3.7 help screens MAT managed the creation of all missing Help Screens to...

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November 2014 Doc WG Report

By Tom Hutchison on 2014-11-23 20:07 in Documentation Team

For the total overview and complete report for JDOCs, please see our "Community well" page. The JDOCs Community well page will contain more details, the future and current goings on for the Documentation Working Group. Plus a chance to give your feedback! Summary of past...

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  • We are looking for volunteers to update and review the existing content, write new tutorials or articles about new features, as well as translators to localise as many pages as possible to the benefit of all communities.
  • We are also looking for volunteers to help updating the Help Screens, which are also served in the Joomla! backend, in order to provide up to date information to Joomla! users.

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