By Sandra Decoux on 2018-07-21 11:39 in Documentation Team

The Documentation requires a daily and never ending work.

JDocs Update

  • Privacy Tool Suite!_3.9
    • Documentation about the Privacy Tool Suite in progress
    • Help Screens for the Privacy Tool Suite created
  • Update of the Help Screens in progress (Martijn for 3.8, Sandra for 3.9)
  • Robbie keeps on updating the MVC series
  • The JDocs Translation Team is active. The Team on the Volunteers Portal has been updated to reflect the current main translators (reminder: to become a contributor of the team, a minimum of 1,000 edits in the past 12 months is required).
  • Usual daily updates/review of contributions, translation tags, contributor welcoming and edits/creation for new releases mostly done by Sandra.

JDocs Stats - Overview

Contributors within the last 60 days

In the last 60 days over 30 volunteers contributed to the documentation:


Do not hesitate to contact the team to help with JDocs (with content update, help screens, translations, new tutorials...)