By Jaz Parkyn on 2020-04-19 15:33 in Educational Outreach

In attendance: Brian Mitchell, Laura Gordon, Marco Dings, SD Williams, Chris Keen, Todd Woodward.


An informal continuing conversation regarding past and present education outreach initiatives on behalf of Joomla. The conversation is open to any interested parties. We are working to curate existing resources and provide encouragement and assistance to anyone looking to improve education about Joomla.

Brian opened the meeting with a question to all the attendees: why are you here?

  • SD Williams wanted to know how to help

  • Marco mentioned the German initiative (

    • Elisa Foltyn had originated it

    • Holger Kremers is executing it

    • 30 subscriptions, kids ages 12-16

  • Laura and SD will work on replicating the program in the US.

    • There was discussion about how to work with CloudAccess to host these student sites via Marco said he would talk to Jonathan with CloudAccess at the next board meeting.

  • A domain has been acquired by Brian in anticipation of use for this initiative. (

  • Ultimately, there would be localized versions (English, Spanish, etc.) 

  • Todd said he felt the purpose of the group is to take the varied educational initiatives into this group and give structure. He said that there was a lot of raw talent

  • Brian asked for volunteers; one to facilitate the meetings, one to document for posting to the Volunteers Portal. SD and Todd offered to do these roles. Call after the meeting to determine who does what.

    • In call after meeting, they decided that Todd would facilitate, and SD would document.

  • Brian discussed the ongoing efforts to create a 501(c)3 for the Joomla Foundation.

Action Status Updates

  • Chris and SD will collaborate on existing testing/training - still working on this

  • SD will reach out to Steve Burge - SD spoke with Robbie Adair about help from OSTraining

  • Brian

    • will see if Llewellyn van der Merwe is interested in joining the conversation

    • will check with BoD regarding OS Training connections and/or other partners

  • Marco will check with David regarding materials that Drupal might have - Marco posted Typo3 materials to the Glip channel. They can also be found here:

  • Laura is checking on licensing of the content she uses for Rutgers


 Next Meeting: Friday May 15, 2020 at 16:00 UTC