By Todd Woodward on 2020-08-21 17:06 in Educational Outreach

Joomla Educational Outreach

Conversation update and sync - Meeting Notes
August 21, 2020 - 16:00 UTC

In attendance:  Laura Gordon, Todd Woodward, Shirielle “SD” Williams, Jaz Parkyn


Apologies: Abdulkadir Shehu Abdulwahab, Chris Keen

Absent: Brian Mitchell, Brian Ronnow, Elisa Foltyn, Holger Kremers, Robbie Adair, Rowan Hoskyns Abrahal, Marco Dings, Daniel Dubois


Invited Guests:   none


An informal continuing conversation regarding past and present education outreach initiatives on behalf of Joomla. The conversation is open to any interested parties. We are working to curate existing resources and provide encouragement and assistance to anyone looking to improve education about Joomla. The focus of this working group is to create the framework.

Topics Discussed

  1. Working Group Mission Statement and Goals

    • Question to team - What do you believe the group’s purpose is?  Please submit a bulleted list by September 11th

    • Jaz suggested releasing a community survey as a secondary step after we have a mission and goals

  2. Joomla Community Magazine (JCM) 

    • Laura’s was in the June edition

    • Elisa’s was in August edition

    • AK - status not known

  3. Google Docs Directory Structure

    • Naming structure needed

    • Post to GLIP channel the link 

  4. Communicating out

    • Can add a Public folder to share with the community, only JEO can write/edit/add

  5. Information Architecture and Content Strategy for

    • Moving to future discussions after the mission and goals are set

  6. New Business

    • None at this time


Action Items 

  • Todd: Invite Luca to ____ meeting

  • Team: Submit bulleted list of their perceived purpose of the group by September 11th

Next Meeting: 

**Do we need to move the meeting due to Rosh Hashanah? 

Working Group Meeting

Friday, September 18, 2020 at 16:00 UTC via Google Meet. 

Invite will be sent to team distribution and posted in Glip.


Add items to the Agenda Document  by Wednesday, September 16th.