By Todd Woodward on 2021-01-15 20:00 in Educational Outreach

Joomla Educational Outreach Working Group

Agenda - January 15, 2021 17:00 UTC


Attendees: Laura Gordon (EST), Chris Keen (Europe Amsterdam UTC +1), Todd Woodward (EST), AK Shehu (Dubai), SD Williams (CST) 

Apologies: all core members present



  • Structure and organization of the resources and tools to include in the hub

  • Determination of the types of materials

  • Alert other ‘joomla members’ that this area exists?

  • Information Architecture and Content Strategy for

  • Think about having meetings earlier in the day to open up opportunities for folks in Australia to participate.


Structure and organization of the resources and tools to include in the hub

  • Q: - Does it have to have Joomla look-and-feel and be maintained by the website team?

    • Chris will talk with the trademark team

  • Want a website, not Google drive

    • Information sharing

    • Information submission

    • Disclaimer not official Joomla

    • Independent of

    • Adobe Education Exchange ( a good resource to get ideas

    • Vetting Process: 

      • List expectations on submission page (to be outlined later)

        • Joomla Version

        • Education Level

      • Our policy, that is objective included timeframes

      • Respond back with information on why or why not approved

  • Content Type 

    • Guides

    • Syllabus/Syllabi

    • Curriculum

  • Content - contact, invite to the discussion

    • Robbie Adair, OSTraining

    • Joomla Certification Trainers

    • Jen Kramer


Joomla Community Magazine

  • Laura March Article


2021 Working Group Goals

  • Implement a Hub of Shared Training Materials for those who want to teach Joomla 

  • Share both within and outside of our community the existence, purpose, and use of the Hub


February Meeting Thoughts

  • Chris: Trademark Update

  • Submission, standards, and vetting process

  • Brainstorm content structure and categories

  • Todd: Feedback on interests of possible Australian members


Next Meeting


  • February 19, 2021 at 17:00 UTC / 12 pm EST / 11 am CST