The JET Programme is an initiative that was created to support active project volunteers and community members who have dedicated time and energy to make Joomla better; and who would like to attend larger Joomla events, such as J and Beyond and the Joomla! World Conference.

Joomler Position Role Date Started
guillermo-bravo.png Guillermo Chile Team Leader Jan 2018
85be_21192466_10159236127585641_6204864542620105572_n.jpg Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall United Kingdom Assistant Team Leader Aug 2015
dc79_2017-06-21-AliProfile.png Alison Meeks Canada Member Jan 2018
1a8d_allon-moritz.jpeg Allon Moritz Switzerland Member Aug 2017
david-jardin.jpg David Jardin Germany Member Jan 2016
7021_yves-hoppe.jpg Yves Hoppe Germany Member May 2017
Joomler Position Role Date Started Date Ended
dc79_2017-06-21-AliProfile.png Alison Meeks Canada Team Leader Feb 2017 Jan 2018
dianne-henning.jpg Dianne Henning United States Team Leader Nov 2014 Jul 2015
radek-suski.jpg Radek Suski Germany Team Leader Nov 2014 Aug 2015
guillermo-bravo.png Guillermo Chile Member Nov 2014 Jan 2016
9d28_isidro-baquero.png Isidro Baquero Spain Jul 2013 Jul 2014
javier-gomez.43.26.png Javier Gomez Spain Member Jul 2013 Nov 2014
jessica-dunbar.jpeg Jessica Dunbar PLT Liaison Jan 2015 Jan 2016
radek-suski.jpg Radek Suski Germany Member Nov 2014 Mar 2017
6bca_359377.jpg Roland Dalmulder Netherlands Member Jan 2015 Dec 2017
44f4_IMG_20171103_164743.png Sandra Decoux Saint Martin (French part) Member Jul 2017 Jul 2019
saurabh-shah.jpg Saurabh Shah Brazil Member Nov 2014 Jul 2017

CLT Liaison

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