By Private Profile 6f963e8d on 2020-12-17 06:21 in Events Team

Participants:  Djamel Kherbi, David Aswani, Brian Ronnon, Benjamin Trenkle

Apologies:   None

Total time of the meeting:  60 minutes 


Venue: Google Meet

The Events department held its monthly meeting where the following items were discussed.

Event Department

1. Benjamin was welcomed to the team as this was his first Events meeting. 

2. It was agreed that we create a vision board, with defined goals, that will guide the events team for the coming year, this will help in making sure that we create an impact as opposed to just approving events.

3. Reaching out for more volunteers, the team will come up with concepts and guidelines, that will be proactive in getting people involved in what is happening in Joomla.

Joomla User Group

1. there should be the main focus on having healthy JUG locations all over the world. This brings a lot of benefits for the management of the Joomla! Community:

  • A big pool of potential volunteers

  • Quick communication ways with the chance to reach a lot of people

  • More visibility for Joomla! (offline and online)


Events Team

1. We will continue to encourage Virtual events and offer them as much support as we can give.

2. Create a working relationship with Marketing as we look at things we can collaborate in making sure that the JoomlaDay and JUG organizers are supported in what they are doing. 


Complements of the Season