By Radek Suski on 2016-01-11 09:19 in Events Team

December 9, 2015
Attendees: Radek Suski, Sigrid Suski, Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall, Carlos Cámara, David Aswani
Not in attendance: David Jardin (excused)
Discussed following topics:
  1. Joomladay Italy and Joomla Festival problem. We are going to pass this to CLT. They should decide if we remove the events from the Events site

  2. Update Events Site -> will be updated this weekend by Radek

  3. Approval Training -> Radek makes a Doodle

  4. Articles for the Magazine -> David A will take care of it.

  5. Update the SobiPro template for the events site. Assigned to Rowan

  6. Carlos and David A. are going to add their bio to the Events site

  7. We can sponsor events again!

  8. Adding a new rule to get a financial report from the Joomladay organizers -> next meeting

  9. New meeting dates: 12 January 2016, 9 February, 8 March, 5 April  @ 17:00 UTC