By Shirielle (SD) Williams on 2021-12-13 23:43 in Events Team

Attendees: AK Shehu, Laura Gordon, Todd Woodward, David Aswani, Philip Walton, SD Williams

SobiPro to DPCalendar Migration

The migration launching any day, the issues have been resolved with the help of Allon Moritz, from Digital Peak.  Thanks to the team especially, Viviana Menzel. The new form enables submissions for virtual/online meetings as well as includes a field to put social share text that the Social Media team can use to promote the event through Joomla! Channels. An article will be submitted to the magazine team for the December issue announcing the migration. During the upcoming JUG Leads meetings planned by the JUG Team and presented by Laura Gordon will review the updated events page. The JUG Team and Events Team will meet soon to review how to use DPCalendar and who does what.

Event Documentation Updates

Our next set of tasks will be to update the Event resources on the site to better reflect the current state.

2021 Events Team Goals Review

Many of our goals were met with the biggest being the DPCalendar migration.  Those not met, will be rolled into the 2022 Events Team Goals.

2022 Events Team Goals

There will be a meeting to set the 2022 goals but the ideas to date include:

  1. Update processes and procedures for reviewing and approving requests
    Improve response time to requests
    Standardize messages when responding to requests

  2. Review and simplify the reimbursement process

  3. Create and implement communication plan for event organizers

  4. Update Event resources on the community sites