By Private Profile b2c8cac3 on 2020-12-04 11:23 in Extensions Directory Team

The Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED) team met on November 27th, 2020, at 15hs UTC, via Glip to discuss our progress on current tasks.

  • In attendance: Anibal Sanchez, Jaz Parkyn, Claire Mandville, Dénes Székely, Hugh Douglas-Smith, Luca Marzo, Mark Lee, Llewellyn van der Merwe, Wilco Alsemgeest (Department Coordinator).

  • Absent: Carlos Cámara

Team Organization

  • The issue on the processing of review reports and unpublishing of review. We are aware of an issue affecting the workflow of review reports. We are investigating the issue.

  • The 2021 Goals for JED: The Joomla magazine is going to publish an article about the goals of each department. We are collaborating in a document to write down the team goals in the following week

  • Extension Reports of incompatibilities with the latest Joomla versions: Since Joomla 3 is having a long product life cycle, we are receiving reports about published extensions (for instance, approved on Joomla 3.0 times) that are no longer working on the latest Joomla 3.

    • We have decided to suggest the users report the issue to the author.

  • The merge of VEL operation is completed. The pending issues are managed on Github, following the general team practice.

  • The backup policy has been reviewed and it is now within the scope of the periodic tasks.

  • Data Cleansing, the activity is progressing well.

  • Call for JED4 Developers. We have submitted a position for the community openings JCM article to call for JED4 Developers. To contribute to the project, join the team!

  • Testing for PHP 7.4. We are following the general organization guideline to update all services to PHP 7.4 and we are going to internally test the service until it is ready for the update.

  • We are processing the queue of new extensions and pending tickets within the seven days processing window. With the addition of new members, we are improving the processing times.

  • Llewellyn van der Merwe has recently joined the JED team as a Listing Specialist.