By Llewellyn van der Merwe on 2021-02-02 19:58 in Extensions Directory Team

Joomla Extension Directory. Meeting Minutes
- January 29, 2021

1700 CEST, UTC+2

Participants: Anibal Sanchez, Dénes Székely, Hugh Douglas-Smith, Jaz Parkyn (Assistant Team Lead), Llewellyn van der Merwe (Team Lead), Wilco Alsemgeest (Department Coordinator), Tobias Zulauf (JSST Liaison)
Absent without notice: Claire Mandville, Mark Lee, Luca Marzo

Agenda Items & minutes

Team Organization

  1. We will for internal purposes document investigations / bans / review issues so that the information is available to everyone on the team.
  2. There was no December 2020 meeting for the JED, therefore no report.
  3. Llewellyn van der Merwe has been elected as new team leader of JED, stepping into his role on January 1st, following a two week transitional period. The team wishes to thank Anibal Sanchez for his time in the role, and is happy that he has chosen to remain as part of the team.
  4. We as a team will start a review of the following document to make sure they are still worded correctly and fully lined with the rest of Joomla.
    1. Volunteer Guidelines in the JED
    2. Terms of Service for developers
    3. JED Checklist

Extension Listings

  1. A courtesy email will be sent to remind all developers with extensions previously hosted on JoomlaCode will automatically be delisted once JoomlaCode is taken offline. So they will be asked to update their extension links accordingly.
  2. Recently we found that a number of developer email accounts on the JED are no longer receiving emails. In a kind gesture Jaz and Llewellyn will try by means of manual research to update the email addresses where possible. Yet those who cannot be updated their extensions will be delisted. So if you have extensions on the JED please make sure your email address is fully functional.
  3. As part of the TOS revision mentioned above we would like to inform all developers that the JED is going to start requiring SSL/HTTPS links, and all extensions should be updated their links accordingly by June 2021.

JED Website

  1. A cleanup of some files and the repo are being completed by Wilco and Jaz.


  1. We are planning a code sprint on JED 4.
  2. The JED 4 will be a Joomla 4 native extension, using Bootstrap 5.


  1. Production (Robert Deutz) has agreed that we take this repository under our care with their continued collaboration.

JED Extension Checker

  1. str_replace and preg_replace was removed from the warning list of malicious codes.