By Jaz Parkyn on 2022-05-13 18:46 in Extensions Directory Team

Participants: Jaz Parkyn, Claire Mandville, Dénes Székely, Denis Ryabov
Apologies: Jeroen Moolenschot, Oh Martin, Mark Fleeson

Team Leadership:

  • The team elected Jaz as team leader following an anonymous vote
  • An assistant team leader will soon be chosen
  • Jaz asked the team to consider any budgetary requests they might have for the upcoming financial year

Extensions & Tickets:

  • The team reviewed a couple of difficult cases
  • An item will be added to the listing checklist to give further definition on how extensions reported for not being J4 compatible when the J4 compatible flag has been checked will be handled
  • Jaz asked everyone to add notes to extension listings to highlight important things from tickets, so that information is easily accessible


  • Claire reminded everyone to notify her when tickets get changed to VEL category as she doesn't always get the notifications

JED Checker:

  • Further work is being done on J4 checks for the JED Checker, along with PHP syntax checking.

JED4 updates:

  • Meeting took place on 1st May
  • New structures for Extensions and reviews have been implemented and support coding is underway.
  • New code to auto-migrate JED3 database to JED4 written and tested.
  • Previously created views are now being hooked up to the database
  • We hope to merge all WIP branches together shortly, before deploying to a staging server