By Jaz Parkyn on 2022-06-20 14:19 in Extensions Directory Team

Participants: Jaz Parkyn, Mark Fleeson, Oh Martin, Jeroen Moolenschot, Dénes Székely, Denis Ryabov

Team leadership:

  • Mark Fleeson has been chosen as the new assistant team leader

Extensions & tickets

  • Additional team meeting scheduled to cover training on processing reported reviews tickets
  • The team reviewed a couple of difficult reports of extensions an came to a conclusion
  • A note will be added to the ticket submission page to help reduce the number of queries that JED receives for extension support (users should contact the developer in question directly)

JED Checker:

  • Evaluating the best way to split JEDChecker into a "minimum" and a "full" version including a docker that will run more in depth checks after installing Joomla and the extension in a container.
  • Drafts of some minor improvements to JEDChecker are being prepared for review


  • Meeting scheduled for Sunday 26th 2pm UTC
  • Currently working on the extension view to use new layout.
  • Adding in front end review form with intent to then pass to new ticket system.

Other business:

  • Move meetings to last Thursday in the month, in the same timeslot.