By Anibal Sanchez on 2017-05-29 19:55 in Extensions Directory Team

JED Team Meeting - May 25, 2017


Today the Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED) team met at 2 pm GMT via Glip to discuss our progress of current tasks.

  • In attendance: Jaz Parkyn, Anibal Sanchez, Aleksander Kuczek, Darek Śnieg, Dénes Székely, Luca Marzo and Mark Lee.

  • Absent: Daniel Dubois, Hugh Douglas-Smith, Markus Bopp, Miron Savan, Martin Mueller, Paul Franklin and Sotiris Katsaniotis

JED Full-Text Search 2017 - Search improvements candidates

  • We are considering Algolia or Elastic Search. No decision yet on the supporting technology. We are going to have several meetings at JAB 2017 to discuss the alternatives, and the possibility to implement the new search engine in the entire Joomla! Ecosystem (or only apply it on JED). The operations director (Peter Martin) and the Board of OSM are aware of the requirement to continue the development of the project. We can plan a similar development path for the future JED4 (associated with Joomla! 4).
  • At JAB 2017, we are also going to be looking for developers to join our efforts.

J and Beyond 2017 - Kraków Poland

Developer Collaboration Process

Migration to Github: Efforts are continuing in this direction.

Google Summer of Code 2017: Enhancements to Extension Manager

Anibal has joined the team of mentors, and we are participating in the initial review of the project ideas. The project is in the community bonding period, reports about the progress can be found here:

JED Homepage 2017 updates

  • The new design must be applied to other areas of the site. (e.g. the search form located in the inner pages)
  • Joomla 3.7.2 has been released, and a new Joomla template ( has been released. Both resources must be implemented at once.
  • Google Analytics tracking on JED: GA Event tracking implementation will be reviewed. (Alek - Anibal)
  • On May, we will complete the application of these improvements (J and Beyond 2017 - Kraków Poland), and deploy in June.

Following the initial phase, we are working on the second phase:

  • The new homepage has been successfully implemented. Though, more improvements are required.
  • Recently Added, Top Rated, Most Viewed modules are coming, on incremental small/new changes.
  • New scrolling widgets (similar to Google Play style).

The Review Checking Process

  • The efforts to improve the process are ongoing. We expect further additions in the short term.