By Anibal Sanchez on 2017-10-27 17:04 in Extensions Directory Team

JED Team Meeting - June 30, 2017

Today the Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED) team met at 2 pm GMT via Glip to discuss our progress of current tasks.

  • In attendance: Jaz Parkyn, Anibal Sanchez, Daniel Dubois, Darek Śnieg, Hugh Douglas-Smith, Luca Marzo and Troy Hall.

  • Absent: Aleksander Kuczek, Dénes Székely, Markus Bopp, Mark Lee, Martin Mueller, Miron Savan, Paul Franklin and Sotiris Katsaniotis.

New Listing Specialists

To help in the processing of new extensions, two new listing specialists have been appointed and they processing their first extensions.

  • Darek Śnieg
  • Troy Hall

As a general team agreement, we will strive to keep the list of pending extensions, reviews and tickets under 7 days of wait.

We are actively monitoring the new extensions and tickets to keep the waiting under 7 days of delay.

JED 4 - New System Specification

  • The new JED development process will be formalised first, specifications to be reviewed with the team for comments, additions and amendments, to plan the general development. At this time, we are evaluating possible technologies for the future implementation. The JED4 will be developed by volunteers in a series of sprints.

  • The reviews and scoring functionality will remain a closed subject and its code will not present to the JED Devs - only available to JED Team Members.

  • Jaz has started to plan and define the next version of JED. She's been continually working on the specifications doc for the new com_jed, and will soon present it to the team for feedback in JWC Rome. Specification doc for JED 4 is nearly done.

  • JED Full-Text Search 2017. Search improvements candidates. We are considering Algolia or Elastic Search. No decision yet on the supporting technology. We are exploring possible partnerships. 

JED Homepage 2017 updates

Following the initial phase, we are working on the second phase:

  • The new design must be applied to other areas of the site. (e.g. the search form located in the inner pages)
  • The new homepage has been successfully implemented. Though, more improvements are required.
  • Recently Added, Top Rated, Most Viewed modules are coming, on incremental small/new changes.
  • New scrolling widgets (similar to Google Play style).

Google Summer of Code 2017: Enhancements to Extension Manager

At this time, GSoC EEM has ended and all the PRs are submitted to J4 and J3.9. Matias, Niels and Anibal attended to the GSoC Mentor Summit (San Jose).

These are the final PRs: 

[4.0] Show changelog - GSoC Expand Extensions Manager

[4.0] Download key manager - GSoC Expand Extensions Manager

[4.0] Fix database for Extensions - GSoC Expand Extensions Manager

[4.0] Edit UpdateSite - GSoC Expand Extensions Manager

[4.0] Checksum extensions - GSoC Expand Extensions Manager


The Extension Checksum has been backported to Joomla 3.8. Please, help us to test it:

[3.8] - light checksum for joomlaupdate

The Review Checking Process

  • The efforts to improve the process are ongoing. We expect further additions in the short term. We are already working on an updated review (IP Detective) checker that Hugh is setting up.

Developer Collaboration Process

  • Migration to Github: Efforts are continuing in this direction.
  • New Wiki: we are documenting the support processes and canned answers in a new Wiki.