By Olaf Offick on 2018-02-13 12:18 in Forum Team

11 February 2018 / 18.00 UTC / Google Hangout


  • Ilagnayeru Manickam

  • Ken Crowder

  • Toivo Talikka

  • Kristian Pettersen Granrud

  • Olaf Offick


  • Nicola Galgano


  1. Unban Form - moving to a more general helpdesk system

  2. SPAM, do we need new solution

  3. New Forum Moderators

  4. OSM request: How does the Forum team empowers website professionals?

  5. OSM request: Can the Forum Team define Key Performance Indicators?

  6. Forum rules review

  7. Other Items


  1. Unban Form make contact to get a demo setup

  2. Anti Spam is working at the moment

  3. New Forum Moderators (we will create new forum topics about any future forum moderators) and also add a forum topic for Moderators which are not responding to any of our messages.

  4. Forum Team gives free support (but it might not be timely support), and the forum allows people to help other users.

  5. Key Performance Indicators:
    Number of warnings

    Number of bans (manually)
    Number of moderator actions
    (look at the Forum Stats to include those details)

  6. Forum Rules, do we need a GDPR rule? (Contact GDPR Team to find out)
    Add “No Support request via email”
    Add Plagiarism Rule that Plagiarism is not allowed in the forum
    “No commercial advertising is permitted.” added for Signature Rule

  7. Quarantine Forum cleanup (Kristian volunteered to look at those)
    Reported Messaged cleanup


March 18th 2018 - 18.00 UTC