This team is responsible for maintaining the Joomla Framework.

Date Started
January 2013
Joomler Position Role Date Started
2dc6_work-photo.jpg George Wilson United Kingdom Member Sep 2017
e20b_jwc17_smile.jpg Michael Babker United States Member Jan 2013
Joomler Position Role Date Started Date Ended
2dc6_work-photo.jpg George Wilson United Kingdom Team Leader Nov 2014 Sep 2017
7872_andrew-eddie.jpg Andrew Eddie Australia Member May 2015 Jul 2015
a29b_david-hurley.png David Hurley PLT Liaison Jan 2013 Mar 2015
don-gilbert.jpeg Don Gilbert Member PHP-FIG Representative Jan 2013 Apr 2015
nicholas-k._dionysopoulos.jpg Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos Member Nov 2015 May 2017
radek-suski.jpg Radek Suski Germany Member Nov 2015 May 2017
robert-deutz.png Robert Deutz Germany Member PHP-FIG Representative Jul 2015 Jan 2019

PHP-FIG Representative

Framework v2 Status Update

By Michael Babker on 2015-08-22 15:00 in Framework Team

This serves as a generalized update on the progress of Framework version 2. PHP Support All Framework v2 packages no longer allow unit test failures on PHP 7.  Our packages have tested stable throughout the alpha and beta releases and as such all future contributions will not allow test...

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