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Christiane Maier-Stadtherr (CMS), Viviana‌ Menzel (VM),Helvecio‌ ‌da‌ ‌Silva‌ (HS),Hans‌ Kuijpers (HK),Kiki Schuelling (KS),Benjamin Trenkle (BT),Marco‌ ‌Dings (MD)‌, Elisa Foiltyn (EF), Ciaran‌ Walsh (CW)


Jules Weigel

Project expectations and individual contributions

  • Viviana Menzel would like to have a really nice template for everyone, without dependencies, and easy to use. She can help with HTML structure, CSS, overrides, and documentation;
  • Christiane Maier-Stadtherr can help with yelling at everyone to do some work. Her skills include PHP and sample data, organizing testing;
  • Hans Kuijpers can help with SCSS / CSS / HTML / PHP / Javascript and really like to work with JLayouts;
  • Helvecio da Silva can help with creating the graphics for the layout. He is also skilled in HTML and Bootstrap;
  • Kiki Schuelling is skilled in PHP, JS/jQuery, CSS/SCSS


  • We are trying to ban anything jquery.. so "new" or äditional"stuff is a definitive NOGO as for jQuery - CMS
  • Bootstrap and jQuery are there for the backend template, but it is not really necessary for frontend - VM
  • If we can do without "BS4 specials that"that would  be great.. however given the limited timeframe I see a challenge there - MD
  • I believe our goal now is to create a modern template until August 15th for Joomla 4, which can be easily understood once a user visits the front end for the first time - HK
  • Right now I see we CANNOT kick BS out of the picture for this first version - HS
  • The team agreed on creating a modern template that can easily be understood once a user visits the frontend for the first time
  • User setting typography may be an issue with GDRP and self-hosting fonts - CW
  • Guido is writing a plugin to download Google Fonts - EF
  • GDPR is important before release - CMS
  • Dropping Cassiopeia (template name) is not an option - MD
  • The template name remains, layout and features improve. - HS
  • List the current problems with Cassiopeia start from there - CW
  • I believe any template is really only as good as its sample content - CW
  • The most important thing we have to do now is to check the CSS and see how we can remove Bootstrap - VM
  • We need people to check a11y and open issues about it, to bring the columns back to params, to propose which layouts are possible for example mod_newsflash, to clean up CSS and check how to do SCSS compiling in the backend, to add parameters to the style, make the menu a menu - EF
  • I am for redesigning the layout, review the blog feature, as Elisa Foltyn has pointed, work on subsequent issues - HS
  • My point about new functionality...We can't pick and choose what suits us. So whether we accept that "new" things can get into the template (by motion ) or we drop the idea and do bug fixing - MD
  • The count of x articles - is it gone or not? - EF
  • Article count hasn't changed afaik - CW
  • We need to propose a motion on the concept of new features for the template in the light of my previous remarks - MD
  • We need a11y and a menu more important than anything else. - EF
  • We have to deliver blog layouts, contact pages and so on - VM
  • A basic template must respect users' expectations. and mus show everything a system has - CMS
  • I'd like to propose the following workflow then: plan a basic template layout including main views (blog, list, contact, etc.) as a starting canvas. Then the team can start working on it, adding features. - HS
  • Maybe Adobe XD? it's easy to comment on drafts there - EF
  • Where files will be available for contribution/working? - HS