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  • Christiane Maier-Stadtherr
  • Viviana‌ Menzel
  • Helvecio‌ ‌da‌ ‌Silva‌
  • Benjamin Trenkle
  • Elisa‌ Foltyn
  • Hans‌ Kuijpers
  • Ciaran‌ Walsh
  • Richard Fath
  • Marco‌ ‌Dings‌

Agenda Items & minutes

Updates/Proposed Topics:

  • Deadline for Design: August 15th
  • PR: September 10th
  • Tasks that have been assigned
  • Pending tasks
  • Inform tasks that have been accomplished so far


Christiane Maier-Stadtherr

  • Task(s) assigned: Watch issue tracker, Sample data, testing 
  • Pending tasks: Sample data - needs feedback and requirements 
  • ToDo: Will test again metis-menu


Viviana‌ Menzel

Task(s) assigned:

  • Metismenu
  • Frontend html structure changes
  • Back-to-top link (directly in CMS)

Pending tasks: 

  • metismenu needs more tests
  • Banner module
  • Work further on structure and css changes


Helvecio da Silva DESIGN

Updates/Proposed Topics:

  • HTML on Github in four versions (colors)

Richard Fath

Task(s) assigned: 

  • Creating GitHub branches for development of particular workpieces and for testing, building test packages
  • Google Fonts changes and enhancements - RFC - Any opinions about more general naming, using subfolders for a better structure and about not dropping fronts from Web?
  • Metismenu - I only manage that PR but not the task. Is it complete? Does it need more testing?
  • Frontend Search Enhancement I only manage that PR for Hans. Status?


  • GitHub branches and test packages done as needed, continuous ongoing work.

Pending tasks:

  • Google Fonts changes and enhancements, continuous GitHub and Git tasks.


  • VM: Project general status: 6 PRs
  • VM: Google Fonts and Metismenu ready
  • RF had a RFC  issue that was solved (Google Fonts and GDPR)
  • HK posted a GitHub issue for HS to comment
  • RF suggested to make proposals over the next days