By Christiane Maier-Stadtherr on 2020-09-22 15:00 in Frontend Template Working Group


    Christiane Maier-Stadtherr,     Viviana‌ Menzel,    Benjamin Trenkle,    Hans‌ Kuijpers (part time),    Richard Fath    Llewellyn van der Merwe


    Elisa‌ Foltyn,    Helvecio‌ ‌da‌ ‌Silva‌,    Ciaran‌ Walsh,    Marco‌ ‌Dings‌

Resume on recent work

Decisions made:

Template Design Decision: no new design, improvement of  Cassiopeia
Architectural decision: Based on Bootstrap v4 in core layouts. No extra jQuery, no new dependencies. Make icons flexible
Local hosted fonts (GDPR) Roboto local font delivered by core / Roboto + Noto Sans from web / Fira Sans from web
Dropdown Menu: It was decided to use Metismenu JS, no jQuery,  accessible, as override, 2 sublevels maximum.


  • Evaluated different Designs with different colour schemes
  • Clean HTML and scss structure
  • Alternative layout for mod_custom for header banner: background image + text overlay
  • PRs in CMs for horizontal cards in newsflash , placement of the to-top-button
  • Menu with submenus: metismenu as alternative layout
  • Improved accessibility of the dropdown toggle
  • Added the possibility of a link plus button in one row
  • Local hosted fonts for GDPR with parameters in template styles and cassiopeia/variables font changes
  • Multi-columns for blog layout was already made by Ciaran Walsh, Sample data show different use cases
  • Selectable colour sets for the user  -> color switcher in template, more colours can be added
  • Many  accessibility issues have been fixed  - mostly core layouts
  • Complete rewrite of the output of search results. Looks more like Google search results now.
  • Rebuild the search form
  • Added number of results to the search results page


Next Goal:

A good PR, which can be merged into the next beta release (5) – hopefully October 30th,
This PR must resolve known open issues for Cassiopeia.

This PR will contain all PRs which we have made and the whole has to be described carefully so enabling documentation and test.

It cannot resolve all issues of the frontend in the layouts / cms, there are many issues in joomla-cms which will be solved by this PR. We see the danger that some work is made in parallel.

We hope that PBF2020 will activate many testers who check all views and modules with different settings.

Some of the topics where we are working on

Template Design:

As we don’t make big changes in cassiopeia, which small improvements can we add? We could add template overrides, just as demo what is possible with overrides.

Small things would make a difference:

  • Readmore Buttons
  • Next-Previous arrows (svg ?)
  • Submenus in metismenu

MetisMenu - documentation

MenuItems must have visible edit Buttons if the user has the right for that


Improve names and layouts, cleaup, Tet RTL


Error Page and Offline Page

Sample data - use of images to present cassiopeia in the frontend