The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of the European Union will be effective on May 25, 2018.

The Project has to evaluate the impact of such regulation and update its privacy policy and internal process accordingly.

The aim of this working group is to ensure the project compliance with such regulation.

Help and contributions are highly appreciated.

This team has been created after motion #2017/056 by the Full Board of Directors and Officers of Open Source Matters.

Legal & Financial
Date Started
August 2017
Joomler Position Role Date Started
5cbf_luca-marzo.png Luca Marzo Italy Team Leader Aug 2017
c126_JAE_Headshot.jpg James England United Kingdom Contributor Data Protection Expert Sep 2017
c8cf_marco-neu.jpg Marco Schauz Germany Contributor Data Protection Expert Sep 2017
ronni-k._g._christiansen.jpg Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen Denmark Contributor Sep 2017
85be_21192466_10159236127585641_6204864542620105572_n.jpg Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall United Kingdom Member Aug 2017
ec81_soren-beck-jensen.jpg Soren Jensen Spain Member Aug 2017
f0d1_LSH_4901_-_Thomas_Grnbek_Andersen.jpg Thomas Grønbek Andersen Denmark Contributor Lawyer Sep 2017
724c_Glip.jpg Wilco Alsemgeest Netherlands Member Nov 2017
7021_yves-hoppe.jpg Yves Hoppe Germany Member Aug 2017

Data Protection Expert

The project is looking for volunteers with experience in data protection/privacy. If you have some legal background and experience with Data Protection and Data Privacy, please join us and help us to ensure the compliance with the GDPR.

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GDPR Working Group - Meeting Notes - November 20, 2017

By Wilco Alsemgeest on 2017-11-20 18:12 in GDPR Working Group

Team members:In attendance:  Luca Marzo, Wilco Alsemgeest, Yves Hoppe Discussed Topics: General GDPR information sharing User Consent Central SSO / Identity management solution Central Personal Data management solution Defined actions: Sprint organizing (Before January 18) First...

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GDPR Working Group - Update - October 24, 2017

By Luca Marzo on 2017-10-24 16:24 in GDPR Working Group

This report is to announce the progress of GDPR Working Group no meeting has been held today. Progress & Achievements The group worked to a spreadsheet where almost all the systems / applications / websites / services used by the Joomla! Project are listed. The list includes also the owner...

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