By Sandra Decoux on 2020-01-20 07:26 in Google Summer of Code Joomla Team

Attendees: Puneet Kala & Sandra Decoux

  • Wednesday 15th January
    • Work on the GSoC 2020 Application. We will be informed on February 20, 2020 if Joomla has been accepted to participate as a mentor organization
    • Asked JBS for a new label “GSoC” so that students can identify easily what they can work on
  • Thursday 16th January
    • Blog post for application accepted / rejected written
    • Mentor Applications
      • We already had 12 mentors for our 5 projects
      • We received 4 applications via the Google Form. Each applicant has been contacted
      • We’re waiting for the answer of some other potential mentors by the end of the month
    • A GSoC label has been created by Nicola so that students can identify more easily the issues we would like them to work on -
  • Saturday 18th January
    • We have now 16 mentors
    • Finalizing the Joomla Application
    • A meeting with each project team will be organized to discuss milestones, goals and expectations... 
  • Sunday 19th January