By Private Profile 95792f89 on 2016-02-07 00:00 in Google Summer of Code Joomla Team

Meetings Attended by:

Puneet Kala, Ana Barcellos, Ashan Fernando, Achal Aggarwal, Nicola Galgano, Paulo Ries. 

Meetings done on: GLIP, Joomla-gsoc-16-planing channel 


1) Ana, Puneet, Ashan and Achal are currently involded in preparing documents related to GSoC-16, adding them to Joomla! Docs

2) Puneet, Ana are involved in collecting Idea's from the Community, contacting people via different platforms like email, social network etc. 

3) Annoucement about the team was done recently in Joomla! Magazine

4) Paulo helping us in getting Idea's and Mentors from Joomla community Brazil. 

5) Nicola would be a mentor this year again.

6) Puneet involved in getting people from the community to volunteer to become mentors and join the Joomla GSoC-16 Team.

7) Ashan and Achal working on preparing drafts for Students and Mentor guidelines, including information that would be required for a begineer. 

8) Puneet to prepare guidelines for selecting Idea's and Assigning mentors to different projects. 

9) Ana and Puneet to work on preparing Joomla's application for GSoC-16 (

10) Paulo would be helping Puneet with JIRA(Project Management tool we plan to use this year) 

11) JGSoC Team in constant touch with Tessa Mero from PLT, in case of information and guidance needed from PLT. 

12) Project Idea's and Mentors would be finalized within next three weeks. 


For any updates or query regarding the program please join our GSoC mailing list and post the question. 


Puneet Kala