By Private Profile 95792f89 on 2016-05-29 14:59 in Google Summer of Code Joomla Team

GSoC Students were announced on 22nd April, 2016, Community bonding period got over on 23rd May. 24th May is the official coding period start date according to the program timelines.


In past few months, following has been done in each project:

  1. Scope of the project, project milestones and timelines finalized.

  2. Github projects have been setup and students have forked and starting doing PR’s, basically getting familiar with Github workflow.  

      1. We also published Github Workflow document for Mentors and Students, Thanks to Yves Hoppe for preparing this,  

      2. We have also decided to track all project activities via Github issues, all the tasks would be assigned and tracked on Github.

  3. Students have started experimenting and researching around tools that will be used in their projects. Ex. Jasmine, Gherkin, Behat etc.

  4. Students have completed first JCM Articles which will contain details about the project; all posts will be published as part of next edition of JCM.  


These are all the links to all the six projects on github:


Issues will be assigned and tracked on github, a example from one of the project:


We have also started working with Elisa, and Helvecio to design the logo for Joomla! GSoC Team. Hopefully in next few weeks we will have an update.


Coding has already begun for all of the projects and students have also started sending PR’s, more work will be done in next three months, our first midterm evaluation is on 27th June.  


On team updates, we have Roland Dalmulder join us as mentor for the project Shareable Draft Content.

Gunjan Patel has also joined our team of mentors and he will be co-mentoring along with Peter Martin for Project Create Menu item from Article or other Components.