By Puneet Kala on 2016-07-06 00:00 in Google Summer of Code Joomla Team

GSoC Projects have now reached the midterms. Our students are doing great on improving Joomla! and making it even better. Each of the students exceeded our expectations by far, we are very proud and grateful to have them on our team.


Google Summer of Code is a program that involves a lot of volunteers. Just like GSoC Officially announces statistics, we also decided to share some other statistics with our community.


Let's start with proposals (initial phase of the program). For GSoC 2016, Joomla received 73 valid proposals from students of different universities in 17 countries worldwide


This is the distribution of these proposals based on different countries.




After the initial phase, Joomla received 6 student slots from Google for GSoC Projects. Joomla selected it’s 6 students from 4 countries, based on the criteria.


This is how the distribution looked like:


A total of 1206 students were selected from 67 countries by Google for 180 Organizations in GSoC 2016.


GSoC Blog Quotes:


Next, we are proud to announce that 2016 marks the largest number of female GSoC participants to date — 12% of accepted students are female, up 2.2% from 2015. This is good progress, but we are certain we can do better in the future to diversify our program. The Google Open Source team will continue our outreach to many organizations, for example, Grace Hopper and Black Girls Code, to increase this number even more 2017. If you have any suggestions of organizations we should work with, please let us know in the comments.




In Joomla, two female students were selected which means 33%.


Overall GSoC Team size is 22 including Mentors, Admins and Students and we are distributed in 12 countries.


Since we got six teams created on Volunteer portal, each Joomla GSoC Team started publishing regular meeting reports to keep the community updated.


Thanks to George Wilson for helping us in setting up six teams on Volunteer portal :)

Until the 3rd July, 2016 we have 21 reports published.


This is how the distribution of reports for each team looks like.


It is mandatory for our students to publish 3 articles in JCM to explain the impact of their project, what it will change in Joomla, which work they are doing, their progress etc.

GSoC Team has published 8 Articles in JCM in the past two editions (includes articles published by the Students), These articles have received a very good response from the readers.


To check how our team is doing and where do we need to improve, we applied a surveys just after the community bonding period got over and coding period started - one survey for mentors and another survey with the students. The students survey was anonymous to enable them to be honest.


Some of the answers of the students:




More details about the result of this survey is available in the Joomla Community Magazine.


These are some results from the survey applied to the Joomla mentors.



  • The Midterm Evaluation was completed on 28th June, 2016 and all the 6 projects have passed this first evaluation.

  • We are heading towards another 6 weeks of coding period before we reach the end of the program, in August 30th.

  • GSoC Students are not only involved in their GSoC Projects but also helping in testing out PR’s, helping fellow students, Joomla 3.6 Marketing Team.

  • The official Joomla Google Summer of Code team twitter account brings regular updates. Follow us for all the news.

  • Information about Joomla GSoC 2016 is available on Joomla Docs with total transparency. The documentation is updated as long as the program goes on.  

  • For all those who are interested in seeing the code, please have a look at the Repo’s for each GSoC Project on joomla projects, and we also have reports published regularly on volunteer portal.