By Private Profile 95792f89 on 2016-12-19 07:18 in Google Summer of Code Joomla Team

We had our first meeting to start planning on GSoC 2017, some of the updates related to the team are the following: 

1) Yves Hoppe has been added to the team of Admin's for GSoC 2017, Joomla will have three Admin's for GSoC 2017 edition.  Yves has been an active member of the team for past one year, he comes with a lot of technical expertise, his knowledge and experience in Joomla would help us plan for projects in a better way for 2017. Yves would also take care of code quality accorss all the projects for GSoC 2017, He will be planning the training sessions for our students along with content for webex seminars during the community bonding period. 

2) GSoC team will make call for Idea's in next 2 weeks on different platforms such as post on CJO, post on mailing lists and Glip channels. 

3) New teams for GSoC 2017 will be created on Glip, 2016 Glip teams will remain as it is to keep the history and discussion on record. Volunteer portal will be updated in next two weeks, existing members will be moved to Honour role and new team members will be added. GSoC 2016 subteams will be archived. 

4) We plan to make a call for Mentors around second week of January, 2017. Call for Trainers/Teachers to help students understand Joomla will be made in the month of February, 2017. GSoC team plans to do a webex, seminars for students during the community bonding period to help them setup Joomla, understand the architecture. 

5) A call to continue on the team will be made to the existing team members. 

6) Mailing lists creation for GSoC 2017, and documentation updates will be done during the next 6 weeks. 

7) GSoC Admin's will focus on preparing Joomla's Application to participate in GSoC Program for 2017. 

8) GSoC 2017 Strategic team meeting is being planned in India for the month of Janurary, 2017. All the three admin's are planing to meet in Bombay along with existing members of the team from India, a request will be made to PLT to use the existing budget. 

9) Projects from GSoC 2016 have been voted by PLT, decision on Recording Action logs is still pending, some minor improvement are being made to existing PR's by students, based on the feedback from the community. 


List of all the PR's from GSoC 2016