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Jan to April 2017 - GSoC Team Report


GSoC Application and JDocs for 2017

During the last week of December, 2016 GSoC Team started preparing the org application to apply for GSoC 2017 program. Documentation for JGSoC 2017 was updated and a whole bunch of new documents were added on JDocs, see the references here

Mentors and Projects Selected

GSoC team did a post on CJO portal to get ideas from the community, see here. Answers of the idea’s collection is available here.


After having collected the ideas, GSoC Admins asked leaders of the Production Department to cast votes on different ideas.

GSoC Admins had an internal meeting and finalized to focus on the top 13 Ideas for GSoC 2017.


Another post was published on the Community Portal (here) to get interested mentors and then based on the interest and area of involvement of each volunteer, different projects were allocated to them.


Mentors have been assigned different projects and internal teams have been formed on Glip. Mentors are in constant contact with interested students. Details about the team distribution can be seen on our Idea’s Page here


Student Engagement and Proposal Submission

Currently we are into the proposal submission phase, so far we have received more than 65 Proposal from students across different nations. Mentors and Admins have been occupied with helping students, getting them involved in the community and helping them with their questions about Joomla.


Focus of the next month would be to finalize the projects we will have for GSoC 2017. This will depend upon student participation and number of Slots from Google for selecting students. Priority would be given to projects based on the voting done by the Production Department.  

Mentors will evaluate each project proposal and mark the best one for their project. Student selection results would be announced early next month and soon after we will have community bonding period.


Team Details

We have already updated the team details on the Volunteers Portal: Team Goals, Members,  Roles and Contact details.


We regularly publish team reports on the portal. Three reports have already been published (for GSoC 2017).


Community Posts and Social Media Team Support

GSoC team has been regularly doing blog post after each major milestone all the articles published so far can be viewed here, All the posts are shared widely with the support of the Social Media team, our aim to get maximum coverage for the program, we plan to keep doing this throughout the year.  

JAB and GSoC


We would like to have a GSoC team meeting during JAB, most of the Mentors would be attending the event. Team Leader Puneet Kala would also be attending the event.