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Attendees: Puneet Kala, Sandra Thevenet, Yves Hoppe


2017-08-01, 17:37 GMT +2

  1. Each project's current status was discussed during the meeting.

  2. After second Evaluation, we have a total of 8 Passed Projects and 1 Failed (Routing Improvement) project.

  3. Instruction points for students were discussed and finalized as we go into the final weeks of GSoC.

  4. Instruction points for Mentors were discussed.

  5. A Google form has been shared with Mentors to send two members to attend GSoC Summit in California and represent our organization.

  6. Team Budget and JWC travel plans were discussed along with session plans.

  7. Team has decided to use about 45% of the total issued budget for JWC, we will also buy some swags (Tshirts, Stickers, Pens) for the team.  

  8. We would share two past students interviews on JCM for next edition.

  9. Team has decided to do a general Post after the end of Program, with all the stats and details about what has been achieved with GSoC 2017 program.

  10. Team feedback would be taken on points of improvement for Next year.

  11. Last Blog posts from our students would be submitted by 15th August, 2017.