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GSoC Sprint Italy 2017-11-21 to 2017-11-26


Attendees: Sandra Decoux (Admin), Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall (Liaison), Puneet Kala (Admin), Yves Hoppe (Admin)


Google Summer of Code team officially started working on GSoC-2018 edition, we started publishing articles relevant for 2018 program, here are the things achieved during the sprint:



  1. To see the status of projects from GSoC-2017 please access the document here  

  2. Call for Idea’s was published during the sprint, read the post here

  3. For celebration of 10th Year of Participation in GSoC program, an article was published on the community portal here

  4. A list of documents were created for GSoC 2018, including student selection criteria, idea selection criteria etc. All the documents can be accessed from the official GSoC Home page on JDocs

  5. All the teams from 2017 have been archived on Volunteers portal, all the mentors and students have also been moved to Honour role.

  6. Call for Mentors for GSoC 2018 has been prepared and will be published during the last week of December, 2017.

  7. Anibal prepared an Article to share his experience after attending the mentor summit, it was published on the community portal during the sprint and can be accessed here

  8. Application for GSoC-2018 was started.

  9. A series of interviews with past GSoC students/Mentors were prepared and are being published at intervals on GSoC Blog at community portal, first interview of the series could be accessed here

  10. Team has requested Lukas Jardin to prepare a new team identity, which will be used to print team Tshirts and stickers during 2018 program.