By Private Profile 95792f89 on 2019-02-07 16:53 in Google Summer of Code Joomla Team

This is a general Update for teamwork report, which includes all the major update including the meeting we had on 07th Feb 2019. 

The GSoC Team had several meetings during the past few months starting December 2018 and here are the things that we worked on. 

  • Application for GSoC 2019 was submitted to Google, Deadline was Feb 06, 2019
  • Call for Mentors to join our team for GSoC 2019 edition, Published on Twitter and several other social media platforms. 
  • A lot of Documentation was done during the past weeks with regards to our GSoC 2019 participation preparations, some of the links are 
  • We are actively monitoring our mailing list and constantly helping out interested students, by directly adding them to Glip and helping them with their issues related to Joomla setup. 
  • We have spent a lot of time trying to finalize our ideas for GSoC 2019, that includes meeting with Production Department Coordinator and the same was shared with the Production Department to gain insights into their point of view about projects, read more here: 
  • We finalized the mentors for projects in the meeting held on 07th Feb, 2019, within 24 hours of the deadline for Accepting mentor applications.
  • Puneet was reelected as the leader for GSoC team and will continue with the position for another year. 
  • We will continue working on with the team of mentors we have for 2019 edition, and focus on team formation on Glip, Volunteers Portal, and Github soon.

We are constantly looking out for help from the community and always looking for contributors to the project, feel free to get in touch with admins if you are willing to help us in any way.