By Private Profile e96f71d8 on 2016-11-17 03:54 in Governance Working Group

On Nov 5, 2016 an email was sent from the Transition Team to the GWG to prepare for the transition process and to hold elections for Team Leader.  On Nov 9, 2016 an email was sent to all team members Cindy Boater, Ronni Christensen, Crystal Dionysopoulos, Rod Martin, Paul Orwig, Radek Suski linking to a form to vote for Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader.  The voting was open from Nov 9, 2016 through Nov 12, 2016.

The results of the voting was to have Jennifer Marriott continue as Team Leader and for Cindy Boatner to continue as Assistant Team Leader.

Ronni Christensen and Rod Martin chose to not take part in the voting and were moved to the honor roll.  Their contribution to the team has been appreciated.

The remaining team members: Cindy Boater, Crystal Dionysopoulos, Paul Orwig, Radek Suski and Jennifer Marriott met on Nov 14th via Glip to affirm the mission and purpose of the GWG:

 - To take on challenges and provide solutions regarding Governance, Community Standards and Accountability.
 - To provide assistance to have a well governed, accountable, safe, vibrant Joomla community and Joomla leadership now and in the future.