By Private Profile 2f792033 on 2017-05-17 14:13 in GSoC 17 Expand Extension Manager

Date: 14/05/2017

Time: 20:00 PM UTC


Meeting was attended by:

Anibal Sanchez, Roland Dalmulder, Llewellyn van der Merwe, Yves Hoppe, Tobias Zulauf, Nuno Lopes



1- Discussing the features

This topic comes with changes that may happen from what I wrote in my proposal.

One of the biggest changes was that one of the 6 features was downvoted by JED team and the CMS devs group. So it will be removed from the feature list, this the final list :


1. Show the changelog (before or after the installation)

2. Add a field to enter an Update/Download Key and a place to manage them - API - UI Enhancements

3. Database fix for extensions.

4. Option to edit an update site.

5. Checksum for extensions.


We talked also about the environment required to implement this features, I’ve been researching how the update process works and setting an update site with my own Joomla Component.


2- Discussing in more detailed way the features

Now that we had an overview of all feature was time to discuss them one by one, it was planned to talk about features n. 2 and 5 but we only could talk the n. 2 because the meeting took much time talking about it.


2.a) Discussing how to implement the Show Changelog feature

This features aims for developers to show their changes in their new releases. The idea is to open a modal window that reads from a remote URL when clicked on a component version (I will appear blue if has a changelog available)


We decided that we are going to add an <changelogurl> parameter to the manifest XML, that is going to be added later to to a new column in #__updates. The changelog will be shown in a modal but left the decision how it will be loaded in the implementation time.


In the end of the meeting we decided also to add an individual branch / project for each feature on github repository.


3. To Do - Next Steps



Next meeting we will talk about the feature “Option to edit website”.