By Private Profile 2f792033 on 2017-07-10 20:53 in GSoC 17 Expand Extension Manager

Date: 03/07/2017

Time: 20:00 PM UTC


Meeting was attended by:

Anibal Sanchez, Nicola Galgano, Roland Dalmulder, Yves Hoppe, Nuno Lopes



1- Recap of what was done so far

  • Edit Update Sites feature had the technical note from core team accepted and it is completed and ready to be submitted

  • Show Changelog is a 80%

  • Database fix for 3rd party extensions is almost completed only few minor bugs to be fixed

2- Minor bugs help

I had some errors on the database fix and in the meeting we had a little time also to check the problem related to language loading in the feature.


3. Show changelog problem


In the technical note from this feature, there was mentioned that the iframes on a https website wouldn’t load a http page, the problem will be solved during a future modification of the installer


4. Deadline


This week it was decided that till the next meeting all the 3 features made till now ( Edit Update Sites, Show Changelog and Database fix for 3rd party extensions) should have the technical note sent to the core team, approved, and submitted to joomla-cms