By Private Profile 2f792033 on 2017-07-19 10:43 in GSoC 17 Expand Extension Manager

Date: 17/07/2017

Time: 20:00 PM UTC


Meeting was attended by:

Anibal Sanchez, Nuno Lopes



1- Introduction

Last week after we discuss the download key manager feature there was set a mini deadline to complete a general view of it and the technical note, both were made successfully, here is the GitHub pull request:


Explanation of the feature:


Currently there is no clear overview of which extensions have download keys to make users download their extensions with an extra_query with their keys included to allow the download. Developers have been currently hacking this system by creating their own view to add a download key to the extra_query field in the #__update_sites table (Example of an extra_query field: dlid=%s& (%s is the download key)).


Each extension developer may have a different way to build this extra query so the idea is to make a view to manage and insert the download keys of all extensions in a single view in com_installer. This will be a simple and intuitive way to the user manage his download keys and less work to the developers to create a view to generate the extra_query


Pictures of the views in the PR made this week:



2- Continuation of the 4th feature: “Download Key Manager”

Now that we have a general way to add download keys to our extensions, it may be hidden or not known to all users, so the idea is to create another button in the toolbar if the developers want ( For Components, Plugins, and Modules):


With this, the feature will be more visible to users and easy to access. The button will open a modal window like in Download Key view and show the same fields.


3. Database fix feature


There are some issues in the Database view when reloading the page, the speed is not so fast and there was the idea to use cache to make the view load faster, this week will be decided if we will do it or not.


4. This Week / Next Meeting


Next week will start the second deadline so the idea is to complete the Download key manager feature and all bugs behind so we can start thinking about the biggest feature: Signed Files Installation.