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Date: 31/07/2017

Time: 20:00 PM UTC


Meeting was attended by:

Anibal Sanchez, Nicola Galgano, Nuno Lopes, Roland Dalmulder



1- Introduction

This week I got the feedback from the core team on the Database Fix for Extensions feature and the Download key manager feature and so this week I spent time on fixing bugs / Improving the features:


2- Database Fix for extensions

In the Database View there were 3 tabs and it had one just for joomla core database, looking like it has more importance than the others extensions, so I made a rework on the feature and joined the 3 tabs into one:



And you can see the problems in a tooltip passing the mouse over the Problems badge:


Note that:

This view can fix 3 types of errors:

  1. Errors in the database for any extension ( Missing table, column, etc )

  2. Database Schema version (The version_id in #__schemas) isn’t equal to the last file in the /updates folder

  3. Update Version (The version in #__extensions manifest_cache) isn’t equal to the version in installation XML.


There will be 3 types of badge in Errors column in the table:

Success : There are no Problems on the database

Warning : There are only errors related to versions (Database schema or Update version) and non in the database.

Danger : There are errors on the database




3- Download Key Manager

The problems here were just about the structure but they were also significant, nothing new in the view.




4- This Week


This week I will complete the last reviews on this 2 features and start producing the last feature “Checksum for extensions”