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Tuesday, 9th May 2017 on Glip

Time: 10.30p.m (Colombo Sri Lanka), 7:00 p.m (Munich Germany)

Report: Supun

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List of Attendees Overview








Ruchiranga Wickramsinghe



Supun Wanniarachchi



Ashan Fernando




Dimitris Grammatiko




Yves Hoppe




Tobias Zulauf






1. Discussed about initial tasks for Community bonding period

As the initial step of Community bonding period Supun suggested to create a blog post [1] about his project. Supun asked what are the main tasks for this Community bonding period and Ashan, Dimitris explained starting points for Joomla 4 JavaScript testing.


2. Identified project scope and remaining tasks

Dimitris explained there are some pending tasks have to be completed for Joomla 4 before end of this month. Explained more about pending tasks for VanillaJS conversion for Joomla 4. Altogether 10 tasks yet to be completed. Meanwhile Ashan and Ruchiranga explained remaining works. Basically there are two types of works remaining. Need to add more tests for VanillaJS conversion libraries and writing tests for custom JavaScript libraries which are yet to be converted. Ashan suggested to start with writing unit tests for the files yet to be converted because these tests will help to validate things are in order after they’re converted. Other Than that Dimitris mentioned they need more tests for Bootstrap components [2].    


3. Setting up separate issues for VanillaJS Conversion tasks

Hence we need to keep track with VanillaJS conversion Yves tolde to create separate issues for those 10 remaining tasks and Supun created issues in github branch(“Need VanillaJS Conversion” section’) [3].

4. Maintain Project Board for issues in Github

As Tobias mentioned Project boards on GitHub help us to organize and prioritize our work. Updated the repo with two main projects. General section for open tasks and JS Unit Tests for test the Unit tests related PRs. Ruchiranga suggested to use different labels Todo, InProgress, WaitingForReview, Done etc.  

5. Suggestions for project entry point

Start with the caption.js and multiselect.js libraries which are already done the implementation.