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Saturday, 20th May 2017 on Glip

Time: 10.00p.m (Colombo Sri Lanka), 6:30 p.m (Munich Germany)

Report: Supun

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Ruchiranga Wickramsinghe



Supun Wanniarachchi



Ashan Fernando



Dimitris Grammatiko




Yves Hoppe




Tobias Zulauf





1. Update on the work done during the previous week

Supun changed the structure of the github "project" area for easily manage tasks as we discussed last week and put all the issues + tasks in different areas.

Started the blog post writing. Some minor changes remain. Expect to finish it EOD tomorrow

Went through the 4.0 implemented JS scripts and just try to catch some important areas. Plan  to send PRs for changes during next week


2. Discussed about changed project organizing structure in github

Created two projects [1], one for general stuff like meeting minutes, research tasks, VanillaJS conversion tasks etc. and the other for managing Unit tests PRs.


3. Current state of VanillaJS conversion

The changes are mainly to remove the inline script, and use Joomla. Option Storage to pass data from PHP to javascript. The reason for dropping inline scripts is mainly testability but also conform with CSP strict mode.


4. New Media Manager Changes   

The media manager is a full blown app, with many components. plugins and mixins. we will need tests for most of these (I think a few are external dependencies so we will skip these, but we still need test cases that our implementation is correct)

Added separate tasks section in GitHub project section for New Media Manager.


We need to use a new test library for jasmine, like jasmine-vue and there is not any draft for testing it that area. It’s kind of a  module testing, but as vue is component based, it's called component testing [2]. This one is pretty new, still alpha, but it could make a lot of things easier.


5. Discussed about the starting test implementation with caption.js and multiselect.js

Start test implementation with caption.js and multiselect.js scripts for following week.Since main refactoring part done for caption.js it needs couple of additional test cases too . Need to capture more methods in New Media Manager.


6. Other important tasks for following week and tasks for Community Bonding Period

Need to complete blog post within following week and do more research about how jasmine-vue can implement for New Media Manager Unit Testing.