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Thursday, 15th June 2017 on Glip

Time: 10.00p.m (Colombo Sri Lanka), 6:30 p.m (Munich Germany)

Report: Supun

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Ruchiranga Wickramsinghe



Supun Wanniarachchi



Ashan Fernando






Dimitris Grammatiko






Yves Hoppe






Tobias Zulauf






David Neukirchen








1. Update on the work done during the previous week

Last week Supun mainly working with vue.js components and jasmine-vue test implementation. Since he’s new for vue.js, spent more time for studying the components and jasmine-vue tests.

2. Discuss about NMM tests

Discussed more about webpack and browserify implementation details.

New media manager uses webpack and browserify for packing application code. In the Jasmine-vue we need to identify each component separately and need to add some tests as well. New media manager trying to move away from browserify and use only webpack. Dimitris mentioned components need to be tests in NMM [1], [2]. NMM is in development so things can change and suggested for the time being on hold, till some guidance from the NMM team.

Talked about sinon[3] and ajax.js[4] for test the Ajax part.

David suggested to start with media-infobar[12] as an initial start, until other work has been completed.

3. VanillaJS conversion

Supun asked how to test scripts after done the VanillaJS conversion and Ruchiranga Suggested to write unit tests for those libraries first and then do the VanillaJs conversion. So then the tests would verify that they are working. And when you work on a certain library  can always ask in GSoC channel on how to test it on UI level.

More discussed about remaining VanillaJS conversion part [5]. Associations[6] and cms[7]  scripts are already done the VanillaJS conversion. Some parts of tabs-state[8] already done and it has recent changes.

Suggested frontendediting[9], permissions[10], and tabs-state(with new changes)[8] scripts for VanillaJS conversion. Dimitris suggested use this[11] for tabs-state script.

Ruchiranga shared last year frontendediting test suite[13] which was not merged due to some issue with tests failing unexpectedly.


4. Blog post

Puneet has already talked to you about the article that you have to write along with the deadlines [14].


5. Tasks for next week

 1. treeselectmenu + tabstate(with new changes) + frontendediting + permissions -> Vanilla js conversion

2. Look into the PR [13], integrate those tests and get it working

3. write some simple tests to media-infobar component

4. Article draft version