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Venue : Glip

Time : 21/06/2017 UTC 16:30


List of Attendees Overview








Allon Moritz (Lead)



Kasun Vithanage



Yves Hoppe






David Neukirchen






Puneet Kala






Dimitris Grammatiko






Other Attendees:








Update on the work done in previous week

In previous meeting it was suggested to implement Multiple Adapter Support in NMM, Kasun proposed a method and it was accepted by the whole team by 5/5 votes.

Mentors and Admins accepted Kasun’s work schedule for GSoC program.

After meeting David suggested to keep Kasun’s work in a separate branch called gsoc17 for keep project clean.


Current Status

As promised Kasun has finished (merged PR) backend API to get work with multiple adapters.

Now the frontend client need to be fixed to use new features in backend to display data from multiple adapters. David fixed the client to get it work with Multiple Adapter support.

Two file adapters enabled with NMM



Media File Serving (Phase 2)

Since multiple adapter support is done in backend, a simple cloud plugin that would fetch data from something like a github repo would be nice to be implemented. It can be used to serve a file from the cloud as an example.


Kasun suggested to implement an interface entry getPermalink($file) for serve media files which any 3rd party developer can implement the way its cloud system needs. With this interface entry even non cloud filesystems can be implemented. So this method will give more flexibility for 3rd party developers.

Kasun suggested that to add API endpoint to call this method in a need to get a permanant link to media file.


David and Allon asked Kasun to prepare a detailed document about this and prepare a research report that lists similar plugins and their usage with architecture in other CMS systems.

Kasun promised to provide these documents.