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Meeting Goals:

  1. Get to know each other

  2. Work carried out by Ricardo so far

  3. Rough scope of the project & direction

  4. Initial set of issues in Github

  5. Collaborating with other projects

  6. Clarify any doubts


Meeting Attended by:

Ashan Fernando, Niels Braczek, Tito Alvarez, Yves Hoppe, Ricardo Fusco, Tobias Zulauf, Puneet Kala



  1. Get to know each other

Every member of the team introduced itself and its background in the beginning of the meeting chatting for a bit before moving to the goal #2.

  1. Work carried out by Ricardo so far

Ricardo informed the team of his progress thus far since the beginning of GSoC.

During the student application period and the proposals review period the student began by using the Joomla image on docker hub as base in order to build a docker-compose which receives as arguments the PR data (fork URL and branch) in order to start its first tests with Docker and docker-compose.

He did several PR tests in order to further understand the ins and outs of the testing process by stepping into the testers shoes to be more aware of the core issue this project intends to solve, confirmed issues and opened a few PRs to fix issues. Besides that also did a script to fetch PR data from joomla communicating with the Github api over https in order to fetch jsons with the data so that a quick study on the last 2000 PRs could be done to find out the tendencies and how frequently PRs are opened and closed and how long on average one is live.  

The student has also recently began going through a book with practical exercises and tests regarding Docker Swarm so the tests with Swarm can be started, started looking through the Github API in order to ascertain how to use it in the first tests. Did small tests with the Virtualization project while trying to figure out how to change and use it in order to fit the needs of this project. He also prepared his working environment for the work to come.

  1. Rough scope of the project & direction

Regarding the scope of the project and the direction to follow there were several aspects and approaches that were considered and discussed between everyone before reaching a general consensus in the first steps to take and the direction the project must go. The team started by trying to find a plan in order to divide the project into parts and deliverables.

The first approach discussed was to build the docker images and create a new compose with unique names and DNS url publishing it to Github. When the user clicks the link, it would hit a proxy which would run compose up and the user would be redirected to the test environment.

Another approach was suggested which would be to have a URL posted into the PR upon PR creation which would get the user to a site where a Github authentication with oauth would be required. The user will then be presented with options to configure the server for the intended test request, like DB, PHP versions, etc. And then the user is redirected to the Joomla! Instance for testing.

This second approach was the one that was accepted by everyone and made sense because it allows the tester to have some flexibility in choosing the test environment allowing for some variety of testing setups without the need to span all of the setups for one PR, the user just chooses the desired one falling in line with the Virtualization project that can be used here in order to save efforts regarding this flexibility.

  1. Initial set of issues in Github

With the discussion about the scope and direction of the project most initial aspects became now much clearer and allowed the team to define both a set of shorter term objectives and a better defined plan for the longer term objectives to be translated into issues and divided between the stages. The phases were created as projects in the github and the first issues will be added soon to the earlier phases.

  1. Collaborating with other projects

Besides the approaches everyone agreed on the common point between the parallel testing and PR testing platform projects for cooperation, the Virtualization project, its value and how it can be used and adapted for each of the projects.

  1. Clarify any doubts

All the clarifications for the moment were made and the team agreed to set up a recurring weekly meeting for the same time and day every week.