By Private Profile 6f5413ab on 2017-05-21 04:22 in GSoC 17 PR testing Platform

Time: 17/05/2017,  15:00 UTC

Meeting Topics:

  1. Work carried out since last meeting

  2. Discussion about the plans and deliverables

  3. Github repo project’s refactoring and tasks creation

  4. Discussion on github and virtualisation project

Meeting Attended by:

Niels Braczek, Tito Alvarez, Yves Hoppe, Ricardo Fusco, Tobias Zulauf


  1. Work carried since last meeting

Since the last meeting not much was achieved in practical terms since there was still a need for research on several topics, most of the research directed towards Docker Swarm in order to figure out how to start building the main scripts for swarm.

  1. Discussion about the plans and deliverables

Regarding the plans and deliverables for the project there was a need to discuss and decide on what those plans and deliverables are in the beginning. 3 big deliverables were identified, one for each phase, being the one for phase 1 having some of the main scripts for the docker environment having swarm, github and jenkins communicating.

For phase 2 the tasks would be around the integration and adaptation of the virtualisation project into this project, and for the last phase finish the implementation of the PR tests request website and its integration with the work from the first 2 phases plus optimizations.

All of this is open to further discussion of course due to it being still too early, this being a higher level specification of the work to be done still to be discussed again soon.

  1. Github repo project’s refactoring and tasks creation

The projects boards in the repository were renamed to more intuitive names including in the name the deliverables and a small description of the deliverables with the work periods for reference in the projects descriptions. Also first issues and tasks were created for the project related to phase 1.

  1. Discussion on github and virtualisation project


The subject of Jenkins and the github api rate limits were approached by the team due to possible scenarios where the rate limits could be exceeded or not. Also discussed the virtualisation project and how it generates the final network configuration between the services and some specifics on how to test it so that a few tests could be done with it.